Signup for Vailplace-YubiHealth Program

Hello friends of Vail Place,

THANK YOU and Welcome. We are excited to have you as part of the team evaluating the EMPWR App.

Your participation is a critical to our helping address the emotional well-being challenges in our community, and will be used in our product rollout.

Please find more about the YubiHealth and Empwr app on our website

You are also able to participate in our purpose driven investment opportunity to eradicate mental illness by following this link.


Next Steps:

Please enter your First Name, Last Name and email address below and you will receive an email from hello@yubihealth.com which includes the downloadable link and the next steps to get started.

We will send a survey after 60 days for your feedback. Your response will help roll out the next generation of the EMPWR app.


Rahul Goyal

CEO, YubiHealth

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